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Our solutions

Ready made processes for finance sector in the field of data capture and document management system for rapid increase of business process transparency and productivity.

Finance Sector

Soluma Customer Onboarding

Customer acquisition is always the biggest obstacle any new startup faces. With the customer onboarding system Banks can increase speed of onboarding process and lower the operational costs. The key advantage of efficient customer onboarding process is increased customer satisfaction and value adds on the very competitive financial market.

Combining the Mobile capture capabilities, the customer can be relevant party in the document capture process needed for Customer Onboarding.

With the Soluma Customer Onboarding system the customer will become a relevant party for entering data and document capture during the customer onboarding process.

Mortgage processing

Mortgage processing is a complex and sensitive process. Using Soluma Mortgage Processing process Banks can trace the process from the start till the end of the documentation cycle. The flexibility of the solution gives the opportunity of integrating SOLUMA Mortgage processing with the Core banking software.

Workflow customization and data exchange interfaces which changes the aspects for the Mortgage Processing complexity.

Whole process is transparent and offers implementation of controlling processes. Various document capture capabilities provide possibilities to capture documents anywhere using web and mobile document capture clients.

Public Sector

Soluma Digital Mailroom

Control incoming mail with Soluma Digital mailroom – a turnkey solution for document scanning, data capture and mailroom processes.

Document capture module allows various in-house scanning capabilities (Network scanning, desktop scanning, web scanning and mobile scanning capabilities).

Data capture module based on ABBYY technology supports more than 190 languages providing full text OCR, Intelligent Character Recognition. It offers automatic or manual document classification.

Soluma Digital Mailroom can be integrated into the existing Document management or Content management ecosystems using various of interfaces offering systems interoperability and efficient data and document exchange.

Soluma Case Management

Flexible and intuitive solution provides easy and fast conversion of existing paper business processes into the digital world of business processes.

Increase security implementing document access security levels in combination with document access reports.

Boost productivity and business process transparency with customized and intuitive user interface.

User level printing permissions prevents document printing for certain groups of users.

Fully configurable Ad-hoc and dynamic workflow support combined with various interfaces for Soluma Case.

Management interoperability and data exchange with existing IT Solutions with instant efficiency increase and cost reduction results.

Data capture automation

Invoice Processing

Yet while today’s forms processing systems are very advanced, they are still limited in functionality. For example, the task of processing semi-structured documents, i.e. forms and documents on which the size and location of fields containing key pieces of data varies from document to document, remains the greatest challenge in data capture. While the demand for solutions to address this area is extremely high, forms processing programs have not been flexible and intelligent enough to process these types of documents without extensive customization and system training. Until now, an easy-to-deploy, cost effective solution for processing such documents as invoices.

SOLUMA offers a proven solution for efficient invoice processing.

Mobile capture

Invoice Processing

To capture information at the point where it originates, and to deliver this information to enterprise applications for processing will accelerate the processes, speed-up transactions, and reduce costs for processing those requests. Furthermore, any organization leveraging on mobile capture solutions automatically increases customer loyalty through better service and faster reaction times in case of payments or feedback.

Furthermore, to leverage scanning from anywhere, organization needs to integrate web capture technologies in their enterprise applications. Scenarios, where customers use a scanning device while staying in a hotel, at a conference or a client doing data validation of an invoice via web browser technologies will further expand the distributed capture scenarios.

Our Technology Partners